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Defined by the physical distance traveled, divided by the time of travel or rate of motion. To improve speed a dog must train at speed to build more rapid firing of muscular units. Use of an interval training regimen in an underwater treadmill, land treadmills, or speed drills on consistent surfaces, are great tasks to build the foundations of improved speed with lower risk of injury.


Defined as the ability to sustain a physical activity, perform repetitive sub-maximal contractions, or exert a force for a prolonged period. Endurance is gained by working at the skilled activity for a slightly longer time after fatigue has set in. This has to be done carefully as to not cause system strain or collapse, therefore careful monitoring and progression is best done by professional consultation and guidance.


Defined as the harmonious functioning of muscles or groups of muscles in the execution of skilled purposeful movements. Coordination can be improved by repetition of the activity over and over to program a new movement pattern with in the neuromuscular system. This is called an engram. Physical exercises that address core stability, proprioception and balance responses can help contribute to the foundations of improved coordinated movement patterns.


Defined as an even distribution of weight enabling a body to remain upright and steady, or maintain a steady position so that it does not fall. A dog’s sense of balance comes from many different canine body systems working together (visual, somatosensory system, proprioceptive feedback, and vestibular system within the inner ear) to maintain the stability of it’s body. Good balance depends on correct information from these systems with proper execution of muscular responses to maintain the body postures perpendicular to gravity.

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