Horse ‘n Hound PT Long Distance Consulting

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Jennifer is available for long distance consultation by email at or call at 603-465-4444.
(Purchasing instructions are at the bottom of this page)

You may wish to pursue consultation for:

  1. Ongoing physical problems that have not been resolved by previous interventions

  2. Provision of a full picture of your horse's health and question what else may be beneficial for your horse, dog or cat's total recovery and health maintenance

  3. Support for the condition your animal is currently be treated for

  4. Question if physical therapy is appropriate for your animal's condition

  5. Exploration of other options/alternative therapies

  6. Suggestions for prevention or reoccurrence of injury

  7. Guidance for pursuing a career into animal physical therapy & rehabilitation field

  8. Referral to experts in the field of veterinarian medicine, physical therapy and other alternative equine practitioners

Jennifer will field any questions you have, review your animal’s current status, past history, review any vet or diagnostic reports, and provide suggestions specific to your situation. Working together with you and your veterinarian, she will design a custom program that best fits your horse's needs.

Long distance assessments are based on Jennifer's education of animal studies, teaching, research, and years of field experience, along with the information she is able to access about your animal. She takes great care to get a complete picture of your pet and its condition prior to making recommendations. You will be asked to send copies of all documentation, test results, photos, videos and pertinent information regarding your animal's condition.

Currently, Jennifer can accept personal checks (from with in the USA), PayPal or credit card orders (via PayPal or Phone-in) for customer convenience. Initial evaluation is for case history review and initial assessment, and to get you and your pet started on the customized physical therapy program. Follow-up consultation are determined as per progress of the animal, specific to the needs of your animal.

A deposit is required prior to consultation for the time spent in reviewing your pet's records. A conference call appointment will be made to review recommendations based on the information you provide, after a deposit is received. Prior to sending payments, contact Lori at or call at 603-816-4444 to set up an appointment. Please allow 48 hours for Jennifer to get in touch with you

Regarding HnH distance consult service, a recent customer speaks!

I did receive the [HnHPT Stifle] workbook.  And we had a conversation (30 min) about what to do and expect, and YES! My horse is better.  He has learned to carry himself in a better manner. The in hand exercises started his recovery and your advice really helped.  I took him on a trail ride last weekend here in the mountains  (10 miles) and I didn't feel one hitch in his step. And I noticed that he is moving downhill in a different, slower way, not so much rushing and slithering down on his forehand. I am presently taking riding lessons about once a month and under the scrutiny of a Mary Wanless/Centered Riding teacher, am asking constantly if he is using his back correctly. The answer is YES. Also, a different saddle with a different fit seemed to help. As a hobby rider I had to be on a steep learning curve, but with your  long distance consult, workbook,  and my trying to understand everything I could about his condition, I think the team approach has worked.  

I have been slowly, slowly asking for little more of this and that and in the arena I haven't felt him "give"  in a couple of months.

I still am owed 30 minutes long distance consult, but am saving it until I need it again.  I am hoping that I won't, though I am aware that he is predisposed to it with inactivity.    In our previous conversation, you suggested I send you a video of him moving, but I never did. Sorry.  He got better though.

Good luck in your endeavor.  Your approach is logical and conservative.  Too much emphasis is placed on the surgical, hard riding, or injectable fix and my little horse and I are proof that judicious exercise with your advice  is easier and a lot more fun. Looking back at the date on my first email I am amazed that he has recovered in four months.


Marie Miller

December 2012