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Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy

Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy’s 
Equine Rehabilitation Services 
Helps horses heal better and faster

HnHPT is dedicated to providing you and your horse the most up to date treatment, based on your horse's needs. Below is a list of services HnHPT can provide for you and your horse to enhance healing and promote a faster recovery from illness and injury.
It is skill and knowledge base, combined with experience, complimented by the use of modalities, that make physical therapy a profession of excellence when caring for your horse’s rehabilitation. The combined use of a variety of manual techniques, modalities and prescribed exercises, along with owner education, enhances the healing process to return the horse to functional work, faster than “stall rest” alone.

Theory And Science Of Equine Physical Therapy

Example of Sweeny-atrophy of shoulder muscles secondary to nerve injury. Appropriate diagnosis for equine rehab utilizing electrical stimulation.

Physical therapy (PT) is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base and widespread clinical applications in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical function. Physical therapists diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and provide interventions to restore optimal physical function.

This "fetlock blowout" is two years post injury consisting of solid bone and callous formation. Unfortunately, not much can be offered in terms of rehabilitation two years later for this arthrosed joint.

Physical therapy on animals is an emerging profession, represented by qualified physical therapists that are using their physical therapy skills on animals. The most common domestic mammals, dogs, cats, and horses, have similar connective tissue physiology to humans, therefore the same tissue healing principles that are commonly used in human PT can be applied to them. Animals of all disciplines, whether working or domestic pets, get injured, undergo surgery, and have the potential to heal.


What Is Equine Rehabilitation?

Equine rehabilitation is the application of physical therapy treatment protocols adapted specifically for horses. Physical therapy is the profession of helping the body heal, restoring soft tissue flexibility, muscular strength, and functional mobility skills of coordination and balance, to return the horse back to their pre-existing level of optimal performance, prior to the injury, illness, or surgery.

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RockTape Certification Courses are available.

Call if interested.

Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP,CCRP, teaches a RockTape certification class at her clinic in Hollis, NH.