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We at Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy are here for you when your four legged friend needs help returning to full, functional mobility.

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Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy celebrated their 1st year anniversary at 288 South Merrimack Rd in Hollis, NH! The move has allowed us to expand our services and offer a more pastoral and serene country setting. Our new facility is surrounded by 14 acres of beautiful fields for dog walking and horse pasture. The large barn supports our small animal/canine clinic and the attached lower barn allows us to treat equines on site. We have an in-ground pool, with handicapped ramp access to allow dogs seasonal hydrotherapy and swimming sessions. On June 4th [2016] we celebrated with a Pet Fair and Open House.

Pool & Dog Park  ~Open~

Here’s a video of the first doggies in our pool!
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Our FREE Fall 
Evening Educational Series continues!! 
Wednesdays in Oct/Nov 2017, 7-8pm ~ stay tuned for more info
Oct 25th: Christine Taylor - 
Dissection of the Equine Hoof

Nov 15th- Julia Zitz, DVM - Treatment of 
Common Canine Orthopedic Problems

Nov 29- Leah Limone, DVM - Updates in Equine Dental Care


When: Fri, Sept 22, ‘17

By: Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd,CERP

When: Sun, Oct 22, ’17


By: Sharon Wilsie, Wilsie Way Horsemanship

Horse Speak Clinic

Call 465-4444 to register!

$40 for clinic, +$75 for 30-min

individual horse consults