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Feline Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services


Cats, by their very nature are more of a challenge to treat after an illness or injury. At a tendon and muscle system level they are still mammals and will benefit just like a dog or horse from Physical Therapy when facing movement based difficulties.

More cat tales to come!

Right and Left are pictures of Billy after coming home from the hospital with rear leg paralysis

Below are two videos of Billy during PT making strong gains in recovering his rear leg motor functions

Cats get themselves into the funniest places!

PT can help cats recover their fully functionality after and illness or injury so they can continue to get them selves into and out of tight spots like these!

“The physical therapy that Jen gave Billy (cat below) produced an excellent quality of life after his severe blood clot and paralysis on his two hind legs.   He is walking now on all fours, placing them properly on the ground or floor. Billy would like to inform Jen that he is now catching prey again, and if she ever needs a mouse, just let him know.” - Sonya Keene

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