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The therapists at Horse ’n Hound Physical Therapy are amazing!! Immediately after our first consult we had a few simple home exercises to do daily with her and began water treadmill sessions once a week. In 2 weeks we saw measurable improvements. Today, as I write this (while she's walking in the treadmill) we are thrilled to report no falls, ability to use stairs independently, gait scissoring corrected about 90% and her ability to elevate her tail has returned. Due to this level of recovery we have less concerns of DM.

The therapists have helped us understand if we pace her activity level and continue to focus on strength and balance she should continue to hold her own. We are so grateful to have found the tools to keep Brady comfortable and capable. We are looking forward to a summer of outdoor play!!     ~Teresa & Micheal Tranchemontagnemy

March 2015:

HnHPT Bragging Rights: We like to take the opportunity to highlight some of our clients' achievements. If you are a current or past client of ours and would like us to brag about you and your pets achievements, awards, competition scores, new puppies, we would be happy to. Please send us a description the event and any photos you would like to share to . We look to hear from you.  

This months newsletter would like to highlight owner David Maurer and his outstanding 8 yo male Golden Retriever named Buster. Buster has been one of the top dogs in the US for years. He is an OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPION with over 100 HIGH in Trials and HIGH Combines.

His impressive status includes competing on the USA world team and competing in Europe. We want to wish David and Buster best of luck in this coming March when they venture to St. Louis Mo., to compete in the AKC Invitational National Obedience Championship.

In 2012 Buster was the 1st runner up. This year  they are hoping to obtain his goal of winning 1st place. Buster holds the record of winning the largest AKC obedience event which was last years Golden Retriever National Speciality. "Staying fit and condition is really made the difference in him winning such a prestigious event" David says. Although we see Buster and David on a twice weekly basis for physical conditioning at Horse N Hound Physical Therapy,  he trains at  AMERICAN K9 COUNTRY in Amherst NH.  American K9 is a facility that takes great pride in producing some of the top dogs in the country. They emphasis positive attitude and good health is what makes the difference! visit them at  

May 2014:

Thanks so much for treatment! He is feeling super - problem will be to keep him from playing

too hard

Thanks for all you do!

Dot & Loki

April 2014:



Thanks so much!!  How cute!  He looks like a pro!  Rebel is doing fantastic.  We are taking hour-long off leash walks 4-5 times per week.  The other days we take shorter walks.  Once in a great while he gets a day off!!  He is a happy puppy!  Thanks for all you did for him!!


Take care!!


Kathy & Rebel

March 2014:


Just 2 weeks ago Hankie couldn't use his back legs. Five weeks before that he was paralyzed from a disk problem in his back. . We were told that surgery was probably needed but we chose to go another route first thank god. After just 2 weeks of physical therapy at Horse n Hound PT in Nashua NH he is standing and walking. Albeit it's very short distances it's more than we thought possible. He walks on the underwater treadmill twice a week for 15 to 20 mins and at home on the carpet and is getting stronger every day. We have a lot of hope now for recovery. We can't express our thanks and love to Jennifer and Lori at H n H for giving us our baby back. We'll be back for the next 5 weeks. Prayers really do work and I plan on doing a lot more! In these pics Hank is sporting his new warm jacket that they gave him at therapy tonight. Anyone with a pet that is lame or injured for any reason please check out Horse n Hound because they are the best. What they've done for us is nothing less than a miracle in our eyes!!!!!

Just came home from our first visit to Horse N Hound and I have to say that I feel so much better. I was so discouraged before I went there and feel just the opposite now. The folks there are so good.they are upbeat with positive attitudes but are realistic and above all honest! We don't know what the future holds for our boy but do know everything possible that can be done id! Thank you to all at H & H PT - Paul, Tammy, Josh, Sara, Payton, And Blake and especially HANKIE!! We love you - Xoxo. "


"What a difference conditioning has made! Neptune posted 3 excellent times this weekend..his little dachshund legs were a blur! His yards per second on Saturday were 2.99, 2.96, and Sunday a blazing 3.31!!!" Sarah Power

Gracie The Alpaca: March 2014 back with her heard

Gracie was injured and under when surgery that left her mostly paralyzed in late 2012.  She spent months in recovery, follow up vet visits and enduring Physical Therapy while living an ingenious sling system created by her owners:

Jennifer Brooks Aug, 2013: “half way though this last winter, I wasn't sure what/ how the outcome would be. You Cheri, and your husband Bill are really amazing in that you got this alpaca through this triumph. I hope you have both patted each other on the back, toasted with some really good wine, and breathed a sigh of relief to have moved her out of your garage. Really, my hat is off to you both!! and Gracie too.”

We are happy to report gracie is back to full functionality and was returned to her heard in March of this year!

For more about Gracie and to learn about Alpacas and their wonderful fur trimmings becoming yard and fleece please contact her owner, Cheri at

January 2014:

Hi Jennifer,

Champ is doing very well. We started with the exercises just after Thanksgiving and have been keeping up very regularly until last week. He is sound and happy and moving better than I've seen since we got him. He tolerates all of the stretches well and there is no more clicking with the lateral tail pulls. We have started the opposite leg lifts and riding/working in hand. He is no longer stiff going up and down hills - that is miraculous because he was stiff on hills when I got him last Spring.

Our in hand and saddle work is curtailed right now because everything is sheer ice. I'm trying to find an indoor to move him to for a couple of months so we can continue. He's had some corrective shoeing to raise his heels in back and delay his break over a bit, and that has contributed significantly to his comfort level as well. He has had NO soreness and has been completely off bute since the clinic.

Yay! Good stuff! Happy New Year!

Chelle Grald

November 2013:

We are very pleased with the level of success achieved through Horse N’ Hound. This was the first time we endured major pet surgery, which brought with it much anxiety. Horse N’ Hound’s program provided the necessary therapy for Rosie as well as for us. Their professional, yet relaxed, environment was a source of comfort as we ventured into the unknown. Horse N’ Hound’s role in Rosie’s recovery from cruciate ligament surgery exceeded our expectations.

Their professionalism and attention to detail is unparalleled. They took the time to explain the intricacies of cruciate ligament surgery and the importance of the rehabilitating process, from the time the sutures are removed through the following thirteen week recovery period. They also provided us with the training we needed to facilitate the recovery process at home.


Above: Rosie, 2 days post operation (on left), and 4 months after Surgery and Physical Therapy

Jennifer, Kathy, and Lori’s wealth of pet care knowledge is immeasurable. Their personal and caring approach became a significant factor to Rosie’s healing process. They brought attentiveness and dedication to Rosie that is above and beyond any standard.

If it weren’t for Horse N’ Hound we would have no idea where Rosie would be post op. We are back to a normal life again full of weekend adventures and lots of playtime at home. We highly recommend Horse N’ Hound for all of their pet recovery and therapeutic services.

Chris Tilden

November 2013:

Hi Jennifer,

This past January our 3 year old Great Dane, Vegas, suffered an FCE [Fibrocartilagenous Embolism].  This was very scary to us, and our local vet did not have the correct understanding of an FCE.  Being in small VT town, they hadn't seen much of this condition and recommended that we put Vegas down.  This was more than we could bear, due to her age and how much our family enjoyed her.

The prior November of 2012, we met Jennifer and her staff at The Equine Affaire in Massachusetts.  We remembered we were so impressed with their services and knowledge of horse and dog therapies.  Thankfully we saved all the literature they handed out to us in a bag with all their information on it!  Our daughter, Vegas's true mom, was quick to remember about Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy and called them the next day.  

We scooped Vegas up from the vet and made the two and a half hour drive one way to see Jennifer. It was here at Horse and Hound that they started us on the path to save Vegas.  Jennifer recommended that we first get an MRI, which we had no idea could be done.  We did the MRI, and had the results sent to Jennifer.

Jennifer put together a comprehensive plan of treatment for Vegas.  This plan not only helped Vegas, but she also taught us how to take care of Vegas while she worked towards healing and recovery.  Without Jennifer teaching us, we would have been in over our heads back at home! Vegas responded wonderfully to the treatments, her progress after every visit was amazing!

Vegas had physical therapy, where she learned to sit, and walk all over again.  She also had laser therapy which really helped loosen up her muscles and gain flexibility.  Vegas also had time in the water treadmill, which we all thought was very cool!  Our family recommends Horse and Hound to EVERYONE!  Without them we would not be enjoying Vegas today.  The entire staff, and experience at Horse and Hound is invaluable.  

Today, Vegas is her happy, goofy, usual self.  She runs and jumps and plays with her best bud, Sirus, just like always. She does have some minor, lasting physical disabilities.  Her tail doesn't wag, we can live with that! She runs a little funny, we can live with that too. Horse ‘n Hound continued to call and check on Vegas and on us, which was really special to us.  They made us feel welcome and they truly care about their patients and families. Thank you so very much for all that you've done for us and for Vegas.



December 2012: I did receive the [HnHPT Stifle] workbook.  And we had a conversation (30 min) about what to do and expect, and YES! My horse is better.  He has learned to carry himself in a better manner. The in hand exercises started his recovery and your advice really helped.  I took him on a trail ride last weekend here in the mountains  (10 miles) and I didn't feel one hitch in his step. And I noticed that he is moving downhill in a different, slower way, not so much rushing and slithering down on his forehand. I am presently taking riding lessons about once a month and under the scrutiny of a Mary Wanless/Centered Riding teacher, am asking constantly if he is using his back correctly. The answer is YES. Also, a different saddle with a different fit seemed to help. As a hobby rider I had to be on a steep learning curve, but with your  long distance consult, workbook,  and my trying to understand everything I could about his condition, I think the team approach has worked.  

I have been slowly, slowly asking for little more of this and that and in the arena I haven't felt him "give"  in a couple of months.

I still am owed 30 minutes long distance consult, but am saving it until I need it again.  I am hoping that I won't, though I am aware that he is predisposed to it with inactivity.    In our previous conversation, you suggested I send you a video of him moving, but I never did. Sorry.  He got better though.

Good luck in your endeavor.  Your approach is logical and conservative.  Too much emphasis is placed on the surgical, hard riding, or injectable fix and my little horse and I are proof that judicious exercise with your advice  is easier and a lot more fun. Looking back at the date on my first email I am amazed that he has recovered in four months.


Marie Miller

Nov 2012: Cody has been doing better.  He tolerates the stretching but does not like the concept of licking plates on the stairs.  A few more reps will help.

He is clearly stronger and more active.  He hiked up 2/3 of the mountain
versus about 1/3 last week without too many issues on the way down.  He actually ran uphill (slowly) a couple times.  He did not have too many issues on the way down like he had last week.  We leashed him for the steep sections to control his speed.  He still had enough energy to be active after the walk.  

Cody also has started up some of his old tricks here at home: taking himself for an unapproved walk when we aren't looking or bounding down the hill to visit people with dogs waking by (there were some advantages to the lamer version of Cody).

I will call tomorrow to set up some additional sessions.  

Jack Wentz

November 2012

September 2012: This is the picture of our German Shepherd dog, Zoe that makes me smile! She is 11 years old. Zoe has always been very active and spoiled (ie., sitting on the couch!).

Over the past year she had slowed down considerably and had even begun to drag her back legs around; she was unable to run around and play. Climbing our full flight of stairs was becoming a struggle for her. Sometimes just getting up from lying down was a chore for her. It was painful to watch - we just attributed it to aging and /or hip dysplasia, common to German Shepherds. She could no longer jump up on the couch. Now she can again!!

This photo was taken after a month of treatment at Horse ‘N Hound. She received cold laser treatments and therapeutic exercises and continues to benefit from the underwater treadmill. It has been challenging for her but the results are amazing! She is a happier and more active dog. The therapists at HnHPT are so encouraging, caring and knowledgeable. We are so thankful to have found HnHPT.  They have truly given Zoe a better life which is all we had hoped for.

Thank you,

The Lamonakis Family, of Brookline, NH

September, 2012

July 2012: My gosh, she's (Carolyn’s dog, after a CCL repair) improved so much that my husband admitted my insistence to have PT for Stella was a good decision.  In fact, he is far better at administering your care routine than I, and I have become the masseuse as he does the manipulation.  She has toe tapped consistently as we walk to the left of her outside, insisting that she walk slowly.  She has even toe tapped on occasion in the house, and she is moving about far more frequently in the house, returning to some of her more casual lying about spots.  All since your treatment.  I can't thank you enough.  I am now actually hopefully that she will not suffer a lousy, 6 month recuperation period.  Once we get her stronger, I will begin to bring her to your facility for water therapy. 

You have my deepest gratitude and respect for your abilities and knowledge.  Truly, I can't thank you enough.  AND, my husband thanks you!

Carolyn Nagle

July 2012

May 2012: Hi Jen,

    Just giving you an update on Blue.  The exercises are really making a big difference,  His stifle locking has greatly improved, what's most interesting is how much my diligence in doing the exercises affects him.  I thought by now he would be through with catching and I could let up but that's not the case.  What really brought it to my attention was he got Erylicchia, I wasn't able to work him for a week and he showed some major regression.  So, I think I'm going to have to stick with the exercises for a long time and maybe some of them forever.  Thanks for your help.


April 2012: I hired Jennifer to work on Jewel, a small 10.2hh pony who had an unknown hip injury the year before. Not only was our appointment very reasonable in cost, but I got so much out of the time she spent with us. The nature of the injury made a diagnosis very difficult, but because of her extensive background in working with horses with all different types of orthopedic conditions, I felt that Jenn was able to ascertain more about the injury than the two vets who had looked at my pony (I did have a vet referral for Jenn's work). She lives a couple of hours away, so regular visits aren't practical, but she left me with a therapy prescription and routine for Jewel.

It's been nearly a year, and Jewel gains mobility every day. Her injury was deep - we think she broke her femur - and she will always be lame, with one leg shorter than the other. She is very small and quite mobile. Her hips are more level and she is gaining muscle tone on the injured side. In the past year, I have seen her at all 4 gaits - and I even saw her jump a small fence one day (of her own accord). Although she may never be more than a companion pony, we will be working on natural horsemanship groundwork for discipline and good manners, as well as some round pen exercises.

I happily recommend Jennifer for any orthopedic situation, and I only wish I had called her earlier in the process. She is a wealth of knowledge and is very personable - great "bedside manner". She is down to earth and not judgmental in any way. I recommend her without reservation.
Service Category: Equine Physical Therapy
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Pamela McLeod

April 2012

April 2012:

Hi Jennifer: 

I thought I would let you know that Whisper is completely back to normal, in fact, she is better than before her fall.  I have diligently followed your book exercises and am still doing the stretches with her although only about three times a week now.  We are doing lots of backing up and she is not objecting to it all.  I have obstacles set up for her to step over and her hay is at the top of the hill and the water at the bottom.   I rode her for over two hours yesterday on varied terrain, walk, trot and extended trot and she was tracking beautifully  and showed no signs of collapsing when coming downhill.  I agree that the key to avoiding the stifle locking up on the downhill is impulsion.  As long as she isn’t trying to walk extremely slowly down a hill there is no locking up.  Her enthusiasm for riding is back.  I have changed to an Wintec AP saddle and she doesn’t object to being tacked up in that at all.  I am thrilled, I have my Whisper back. 

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  Looks like you won’t have to pay another visit but at least it has been a success.  She was so happy yesterday I was on cloud nine.This has proven to me  how people should be seriously conditioning their horses and not just jumping on and riding.  I am now doing all the same work with Gina ( my other mare) and am noticing a significant difference with her movement also. 

    Thank you again,

    Marlene Paulsen

    Greenfield, NH

    April 2012

March 2012:  Billy (the cat) strongly recommends Jen's services.  He says "Jen's the Best, paws down!" 

Billy struggles with a very serious and progressive heart disease, and we don't know how long we have to enjoy each other's company.   I'm pretty sure that his cardiologist is surprised that he's still kicking.   Regardless of the eventual end of his story, the physical therapy that Jen gave him produced an excellent quality of life after his severe blood clot and paralysis on his two hind legs.   He is walking now on all fours, placing them properly on the ground or floor.    Billy would like to inform Jen that he is now catching prey again, and if she ever needs a mouse, just let him know.

As Billy's mother and business manager, I can assure you that he will be delighted to appear on Jen's Feline Services web page."

Sonya Keene

March 2012

December 2011: Subject: Giving thanks this holiday season :->

Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thankful I am for having worked with you this past year. My horse, Hudson (a 9 yr old thoroughbred) is doing better today than he has in the 4 years I have owned him! As you might recall, he has had a problem with a loose/sticky stifle since he was 5 years old. Your papers, seminar and long distance consulting have provided a perspective that has guided us in creating long term progress, something that has been elusive for us for a few years. As may recall - we tried everything before putting it all together this year in the context of your program. Since May, we have progressed through Part 1 and Part II of your protocol. There were occasional set-backs - but we are talking about horses right? - it is to be expected. In fact at the start of the summer Hudson's stifle was sticking so badly that my current vet recommended considering cutting the ligament to alleviate the problem. I asked her to give me a month to up our effort with physical therapy and we would reevaluate. We haven't looked back since! We continue to use components of your program in our daily training and the good news is we have returned to work with a trainer doing low level dressage and jumping. I am happy to report that Hudson has been sound (!!!) and the stifle no longer sticks, and only occasionally slips out in work. The mechanical default is still there but is so much more manageable and I believe is causing less irritation/inflammation then before. Thank you again for your work and espeically for your encouragement this past year! Please be sure to keep me on your email list - I am always looking for a good reason to visit NH!

Kind Regards,

Lisa O'Connell, December 1, 2011

Matthews, North Carolina

Oct 2011:

Hey Jen,

Kim and I really enjoyed the clinic. We liked hearing about the research and background information. The vet, PTA and massage therapists feel you struck a good middle ground too. I think it would be helpful to do a two day clinic. It would give you more time to evaluate and treat the horses. It would give the participants some time to think about what to do with a horse based on what you point out in the evaluation. I think you did a great job setting it up - very organized, good networking with the barn owners and Poulin Feeds.

All the best,

Sarah Schoen, October 18, 2011

Oct 2011:

Hi Jennifer,

I just want to say thank you for your clinic yesterday. I thought the clinic was excellent - very informative and thorough and reaffirms the good work we are doing out there : ) Your classroom presentation was great - very detailed (which I love). So we can chat later and maybe even talk about doing a clinic in this area but I just wanted to tell you that I was so glad I came yesterday and it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you and nice job!

Lael Cook , Equine Massage Therapist, Massechuesstts, October 17, 2011

CLINIC: Core Strengthening, Back Dysfunction and Lameness Recovery at the Sport Nature Riding and Recreation Center on Sunday, October 16, 2011.

Sept 2011:

I hired Jen to help with a suspensory and stifle issue and was very happy with my horse's rehabilitation. The topics Jennifer can speak on and demonstrate would be quite beneficial to your education series. Her depth of knowledge and manner of conveying it are amazing. You won't be disappointed.

Natalie Gorawski, September 2011

Jennifer & Helene

July 2011:


I hope you are enjoying the summer! Helene continues to get better and stronger every week and I can not even begin to thank you enough - the physical therapy program you put together for us was absolutely spot-on what she needed. I wanted you to have a copy of the photo I took of you that day - I really love it and it's such a great reminder to me to ask the questions, seek the expertise beyond the traditional, and always go the extra mile for my horse.

Thank you! Laura, July 2011

Boston before treatment

May 2011:

Kathy Fitzgerald commented on Equine Rehabilitation Services, LLC's facebook status.

Kathy wrote: "Awww, thanks Jennifer! The advice and game plan that I received from you and your clinic 4 weeks ago has ABSOLUTELY been pivotal in Boston's recovery, so I thank YOU! I'm so glad you witnessed and confirmed his amazing progress and I can't wait for you to see him again. And today, even in this dank and miserable weather, he moved out like a champion! You've truly been a blessing to us both..."

May 2011

Boston after treatment


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July 2015:

I gave Rascal his first laser treatment at home this past Saturday. It was pretty easy.

He was a bit tired and relaxed after taking him for a short hike so it was easy to get him to lie down and sit still once we got back home.

I was also able to do his front legs\elbows\shoulders as well as his hips. I think he would have lied there all afternoon and let me do the laser treatment on him.

It was pretty hot on Saturday so it didn’t take too much outdoor exercise to make him a bit tired.

I gave him another laser treatment on Sunday, as well.

        - Thanks David Fuller

January 2016:

Missy is doing fabulous! We are currently getting ready for the Westminster Agility Championship Competition in February. Not long ago I didn't think we would even still be running in agility but thanks to her conditioning program at Horse ‘n Hound she is in peak physical condition and ready to compete in the Big Apple!!!

Thank you so much for all that you do at Horse ‘n Hound! Missy thanks you too for giving her many more opportunities to run the course with mom.                                            -Tammy Devito

March 2016:

Awesome news!!! No osteotomy line present on the x-ray, she has healed far faster than is normal for most dogs after the surgery... from the excellent help rehabilitating her fitness from Jennifer Brooks and staff at Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy!                            - Stacia Langille

February 2016:

Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy is an amazing place. Kayden my husky LOVES going to PT every Saturday. When I pull in the parking lot he is talking up a storm and ready to get out and go in. The Staff is truly Amazing, they are experienced, so loving and patient with your pets, they truly treat them like their own. They take the time to show you new exercises to do and will go over it until you understand it. We do the Hydrotherapy, stretches and exercises to strengthens Kayden's legs. He had ACL Surgery and already is doing amazing thanks to his physical therapy. Thank you for being so wonderful to Kayden and I.         

                                                                              - Cindy Haslam

April 2016:

We would like to give a shout out of thank to Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy of Hollis, NH and Jennifer Hubbard Brooks the owner of the clinic. She has been helping me manage Lowrider's care through the winter long distance until we found a local rehab and PT at Liverpool Village Animal Hospital. Lowrider is feeling much better and is less depressed it's pretty amazing....

Lowrider is even better this morning! He is like a younger dog! I am completely amazed. Not that I didn't believe it could help, wouldn't have tried it, it is just I knew he was off all winter, depressed and not himself. Thank God I didn't just decide to put him to sleep. Wonder how many animals that happens to when some alternative intervention therapies would turn them around? So my gut instinct about him was right. Gosh, I worried about him all winter constantly. Not that he is now immortal or nothing can happen but it is so good to see my old little bad ass back on duty. I am going to do a video of him galloping outside. He looks so adorable scampering along in his funny 3/4 trot. Tail wagging, mouth going.   -Rachael Ikins

March 2017: Bella is a 13 year old Bullmastiff that had difficulty walking due to her severe limb arthritis and disc disease and arthritis of her spine.   Through physical therapy, cold laser therapy and aqua therapy in the Underwater Treadmill, they gave my girl a better quality of life to allow her to enjoy walks on the beach once again. The knowledge and dedication of the HnHPT staff was paramount. I will be forever grateful for what they have done for my Bella.  Whether it's rehab or reconditioning Horse 'n Hound PT is by far second to none!!  --Meredith McQuade

September 2016:

I absolutely love this place.  My Lab Tango has a chronic condition from his fall this Spring and we've been slowly rehabilitating him.

He comes at a set schedule, with joy and laughter from the staff who already know him.  He anticipates the visits so much that as soon as I turn the corner on Merrimack Road, he starts barking and whining and his tail is moving like a helicopter from the excitement.  When we enter, we go to the Water Treadmill for 25 minutes of good exercise, followed by laser therapy and agility exercises.

Despite a few setbacks (hard to control a Lab who feels good and wants to jump and re injure himself) he has been making consistent progress.  Through Horse 'n Hound, we bought him a Bosu Ball that is now part of his daily therapy at home.

I can't begin to praise the folks at Horse 'n Hound.  They are concerned, knowledgeable, and absolutely professional. -Louis B. via Yelp

November 2016:

A big big thank you to Melina and Jen for lasering Mia on Friday. Please tell them it made a huge difference and her swelling is gone! Again thank you! Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and we'll see you the Monday after .

                                           -Susan Pepper, via FB

April 2017:  My elderly pointer SID, who has been my buddy and companion for ten years had to suffer through my move from a house where he had enjoyed free range on a third of an acre lot for his entire life.  Our veterinarian always shook his head and said "he is such an amazing athlete and he just loves life".  Well, in order to sell the house Sid was restricted to a smaller and smaller running area and honestly he became depressed. He had suffered some chronic tendon issues (gastroc tears) in his hocks years earlier, and then at doggy day care he seriously damaged his knee (CCL sprain). The final insult was when I moved him to my new tiny condo in the city.  By that time he had lost so much muscle mass in his hind limbs, that his backside was just protruding bones.  
His ears were down. He limped along holding one leg tucked under his belly.  The vet, at this point called him an orthopedic nightmare. He said Sid needed CCL surgery but the recovery would put too much strain on the leg with the tendon issues. I spent a small fortune on a leg brace that just caused rub sores. The vet actually uttered the "E" word at one visit (euthanasia). Sid was on a cocktail of pain killers and drugs.

Then my dog walker [Christine Wharton of Lickity Split Pet Care Services] told me about Horse ’n Hound Physical Therapy. We started attending in October 2016. They've have had him on the underwater tread mill and stretching/massaging/strength training exercises coupled with cold laser light therapy. Sid has made a complete turn around in six months and (knock on wood) I believe we may have avoided surgery of his CCL injury, due to the tremendous strength gains he has made. He has all 4 feet back on the ground and loves his leash walks and playing with toys. He also loves it when we pull into the clinic! I have my happy elderly athlete back and I couldn't be more ecstatic with his pain-free mobility,  and neither could Sid actually. Thank you Jen and everyone at Horse 'n Hound! 🐶~ Jean LaPoint & Sid
See Sid on video here!

May 2017: Brady, our 10 yr old German Shepard was developing serious issues with her hind legs. It was mid-December when we noticed a criss cross or scissoring gait. Her hind legs would cross in front of each other creating an unsteady swaying gait. She would slip and lose her balance, especially on hard floors. We also noticed she wasn't lifting her beautiful fluffy tail to defecate. Concerned, we brought her to our Vet at Ponemah Veterinary Hospital, who confirmed severe arthritis in her spine and severe end stage hip dysplasia. There was also a concern for a condition degenerative myopathy (DM) a canine version of MS. We were encouraged to bring her to physical therapy and start arthritis medication.  The meds seem to help some with the overall stiffness, but the PT has been the game changer.